Stories in Stained Glass

The Art of Samuel A. Hodge.

Long Term Exhibition

Musicians, dancers, freedom advocates: for stained glass artist Samuel A. Hodge, these figures are beacons of hope and transformation in African-American history and culture.

Stories in Stained Glass

Some interpret the world as they see it through music. Others do so through movement, articulating emotions and ideas through dance. Others champion dignity and freedom through their physical presence, and through their voices, speaking truth to power fearlessly, selflessly.

Stained glass master Samuel A. Hodge celebrates the movers and shakers of African-American history and culture through this extraordinary, vivid stained glass installation, which features musicians, dancers, and freedom advocates. This luminescent exhibition honors their collective efforts to raise the spirits and voices of African Americans.

Extraordinary Craftsmanship

Stained glass is an elegant, spiritual medium. This painstakingly-created installation represents the work of a master artist at the peak of his craft.

Stories of Courage

The figures celebrated in this installation all fought for liberation using the talents they born with. Stories in Stained Glass celebrates their collective efforts.

  • A quick look at the exhibition

    Stained glass is a meticulous, painstaking art form, with profound spiritual roots. With each piece set by hand, you can feel not only the craftsmanship, but the passion of the artist being channeled through this work.


This exhibition was made possible by the Robert Bosch Corporation.