Ring of Genealogy

A modern-art masterwork.

Long Term Exhibition

Master muralist Hubert Massey lent his creative talent to The Wright to produce this floor-sized installation for the Ford Freedom Rotunda.

Ring of Genealogy seen from above

Created for The Wright's Ford Freedom Rotunda by renowned Michigan-born muralist Hubert Massey, the Ring of Genealogy is a thirty-seven-foot floor installation encircled by hundreds of bronze nameplates, each bearing the name of an iconic figure from African-American history.

This is no simple monument. It is an introduction to the museum experience, an art piece that encapsulates the complex history of triumph and tragedy that The Wright preserves for future generations.

Celebrating the People

The names of dozens of notable African Americans are inscribed around the Ring of Genealogy.

Rich with Meaning

Hubert Massey's masterwork grapples with themes of community achievement, historical trauma, and more.

  • A quick look at the exhibition

    A visual testament to African-American resilience. A memorial to the violence of slavery. A monument to the quest for knowledge and human dignity.