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Salute to the Arts

The Charles H. Wright of African American History presented a special evening of performances by local and national artists on September 30, 2020.


Dr. Charles H. Wright initially used art as a medium to teach his patients African and African American History. 55 years later, The Wright has continued to explore history and culture using the healing powers of art to deliver thought-provoking exhibitions and culturally enriching programs. From Say It Loud: Art, History, Rebellion, an exhibition that explored the 1967 rebellion that changed Detroit and the nation forever, to the beauty of Queen: From the Collection of CCH Pounder, an exhibition that celebrated the beauty of Black women across the African Diaspora-- art is an essential element to this organization.

For this Members Only evening, The Wright will present an incredible lineup of performances from a diverse group of local and national artists who will share what the museum means to them.

Across the nation, the call to support cultural institutions, like The Wright, thankfully continues to rise! We are committed to opening minds and changing lives for all by providing a cultural and historical perspective to the present moment. As we operate amid the COVID-19 pandemic, despite reduced resources, we recognize the need for increased education around the contribution that African Amerians have and continue to make to both this nation and to the world.

Please consider purchasing an individual or company membership, making a tax-deductible donation, or buying a unique piece of art from our Art Auction. This is a critical time for our institution and we need your financial support, today! 

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Artists Support the Wright

The Detroit Artist Community has supported The Wright Museum throughout its history from donating art to sell at fundraisers to holding benefit concerts. Detroit artists supported us then and we are honored to support them now, during these trying times, by hosting an auction where the proceeds from certain pieces of art will be split equally with the artist.