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Opportunities for kids of all ages.

At The Wright, young learners can connect with history through reenactments, interpretive tours, summer camps, and more.

Interested in bringing your school-age children to The Wright?

Well, then, you're in luck. We offer a range of educational opportunities for young audiences, including:

  • Interpretive tours of exhibitions
  • Seminars
  • Summer camps
  • Workshops

Museum tours, classroom talks, and workshops are linked with the Michigan Department of Education's K-12 Curriculum & Standards in Social Studies, English Language Arts, Art History, World Languages, and other subjects.

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Education Programs


The museum offers engaging workshops developed for children from preschool to high school. The interactive workshop settings compliment the long-term and short-term exhibitions, and thereby encourage exploration and appreciation of the histories and cultures of African and the African Diaspora.

The workshops enhance and/or reinforce the participant’s knowledge in social studies, language arts, geography and visual arts.


On a case-by-case basis, Museum Educator offer classroom talks, assemblies and workshops which have all been designed to link with the Michigan Department of Education’s K-12 Curriculum and Standards in Social Studies, English, Language Arts, Art History, and World Languages.

Held in the fall months, from October through December, these interactive workshops are fun, engaging and educational!

Camp Africa

A free, week-long day camp open to children ages 7 - 12 during the summertime, Camp Africa offers activities centered around a host of stimulating subjects, from science and technology to engineering, mathematics, and the arts.

Campers will delve into key aspects of African-American history and culture while participating in activities related to the core subject areas outlined above.

Family Activity Series

During this monthly program, a professional storyteller engages children into interactive African-American cultural stories of adventure, using drama, role playing, music and creative problem-solving. New words come to life for children as they move through the dramatic stories with the storyteller.

These character-building stories introduce children to African and African-American cultural morals.

Explore our Events listing page to see when the next Family Activity Series day is coming up.

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