Signature Events

Third Thursdays @ The Wright - January

Thursday, January 19, 2024, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Program Details

The night begins amidst an empowering soundscape crafted by DJ Righteous, attendees can enjoy a Community Open Mic, setting the tone for a night of connection and reflection.

The centerpiece of our event features the talented Jynn & Juice Band. As a spirited vocal luminary, Jynn will guide us through an evocative musical journey, performing songs from the Black American Cultural Lexicon. Each song has been carefully selected to resonate with one of the six principles of nonviolence as described by Dr. King in his seminal work, Stride Toward Freedom: 

Nonviolence Is a Way of Life for Courageous People. 
Nonviolence Seeks to Win Friendship and Understanding. 
Nonviolence Seeks to Defeat Injustice, Not People.
Nonviolence Holds That Suffering Can Educate and Transform.
Nonviolence Chooses Love Instead of Hate.
Nonviolence Believes in the Universe's Justice.

As we delve into each musical performance, we'll highlight how these principles can work the community.

In addition to the musical tributes, the event will encompass performances of poetry and comedy that echo and celebrate Dr. King's six principles. 


More about the Host/Curator/Artists 

Ben Will is an artist who uses poetry, musical performance, and storytelling to guide audiences into creative moments of self-discovery where they feel worthy of their joy. A native to Detroit, MI., Ben’s empathetically invigorating performance style has been seen on local and international stages for a variety of audiences, including a recent cultural ambassador partnership with the US Embassy in Belgium and opening for New York Times bestselling author Rupi Kaur. He is also the 2022 Motown Mic Spoken Word Artist of the Year and a 2022 Poetry Foundation Equity in Verse recipient. He also serves as the founding executive director of Motor City Sings a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that utilizes musical performance to remove stigma from the topics of mental health and suicide prevention within the Black/African American community of Detroit. Ben recently performed as Mr. Franklin, Christope, and Mr. Venus in the 2023 production of Passing Strange at The Detroit Public Theatre. Outside of his art and activism, Ben is also the single father of a disgruntled domestic shorthair cat: Sir Brixton Black Lives Matter Alexander Cattington Williams Theee First. 


Jynn Cole – Lead Vocalist - With a voice that captivates the room and speaks volumes through every note, Jynn is a musical force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Detroit, MI, this singer/songwriter/actress has graced international stages with her soulful, eclectic, r&b sound. From a very young age she knew a fire had been ignited in her for music and that she would be an influence to those who listened. She sang the National anthem for the Detroit Pistons twice for audiences of thousands. For two consecutive weeks her hit single, “Honey Fall” was number one on the Amazon Uk new releases chart. She performed her hit single, “Honey Fall” on WDIV channel 4’s Live in the D Music Monday segment. This single was featured in Tj Hemphill’s new film, “Shaded Dreams” along with her new single, “Beautiful Solitude”, which was featured in the film “Beautifully Unlayered”. In December of 2022, Brussels, Belgium, she received the opportunity through the American music abroad program and the US embassy to tour internationally and serve as a musical US ambassador to Belgium. Jynn has shared the stage with artists such as Karen Clark Sheards, Angela Winbush, and Tasha Page Lockhart in the play "Church Girl" by Angela Dunlap. After releasing her new single, “Limited Time,” Jynn is currently in the process of working on her e.p. She performs as a lead singer in the Jynn and juice band and the Simone Vitale band. Jynn communicates a feeling through music that makes people think, act, and love no matter their condition but most importantly you feel it. With her experience she is more than prepared to tackle the world of music and entertainment. 


The Jynn & Juice Band, hailing from Detroit, Michigan, is an electrifying ensemble specializing in Soul, R&B, Pop, and Top 40s hits. Formed in 2022, the band is a collective of soulful showstoppers who came together through their shared passion for great music on the vibrant Detroit music scene. Their distinct style blends hard-hitting soul rhythms and irresistibly funky melodies with compelling vocals. Known for their high energy and captivating performances, The Jynn & Juice Band has a knack for creating an atmosphere where audiences can let loose and immerse themselves in the musical experience. With a repertoire of remarkable talent, the band has graced stages at venues like the Motor City Casino, the Inkster Music Festival, Dalley in the Alley, and numerous other spots across the Metro Detroit area. Renowned for being the life of the party, The Jynn & Juice Band eagerly looks forward to sharing their musical journey with audiences everywhere, ensuring an unforgettable experience at every performance. 


J Bell is a Comedian from the City of Detroit born and raised. As a 17-year comedian, the road has been his friend with shows across the country featuring at some of the hottest and world-famous comedy clubs in New York, Chicago, and LA. With the rise in the attention of his performance on Comedy Central’s Kevin Hart Presents “Hart of the City”. J Bell is a comedian that is sure to be seen and heard. With his quick wit and word play, it is certain that he will leave crowds laughing well after he performs.