Sunday Strings

Sunday, November 12 | 1:00-4:00

Every second Sunday come and visit The Wright all day and enjoy complimentary admission to all of our exhibits and special programming and events.


Sunday Strings 

Join us for an afternoon of music and culture and experience unique and compelling musical selections-from classical to contemporary- performed by local talented musicians.  This promises to be a delightful and soul-stirring experience against the backdrop of the incredible Ruth E. Carter: Afrofuturism in Costume Design.



Ackeem Salmon @ 1:00pm 

Ackeem Salmon

Using the harp as a medium, Ackeem explores the interplay of physics, space, time, sequences, and patterns in connection to human emotions and the subconscious. He views music as a transient aspect of life and existence, allowing him to encapsulate his memories of growing up in Jamaica and his experiences in different cultures and spaces into sonic timelines and memories through both improvised and composed pieces. 

Ackeem has performed in renowned venues such as Theatre Douze in Paris, France, and various venues throughout Metro Detroit, including The Congregation, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall, and the Charles H. Wright Museum. 



Florella Strings @ 2:00pm 

Florella Strings

Fiorella is an emerging Detroit-based musical duo. Though the ensemble is new to Detroit, it’s musicians are no strangers to the local scene. Each musician has studied and performed, both at home and abroad, for over 26 years. 

Violinist, Carla Rivers-Johnson and cellist, Jasmine James have now come together to create and share a quintessential blended experience; fussing their extensive classical training with naturally embodied energy and soul, through Florella Strings.