Talks & Tours

Being Seen: What Does It Mean?

October 29th | 3:00pm

Have you seen the exhibition, BEING SEEN, at The Wright Museum? Whether you have seen it or not, join us at The Wright Museum for an Artist Talk on Sunday, October 29th at 3:00pm.

Being Seen is a contemporary art exhibition featuring four Detroit-based artists, Joyce Jeffrey, Tia Nichols, April Anue Shipp, and Cara Marie Young. This exhibition explores issues of exposure, vulnerability, and beauty with specific focus on the strength of woman that allow themselves to be seen.

Through these works, we see different levels of exposure from small glimpses of skin, in Cara Marie Young’s work to nationally recognized faces in April Anue Shipp’s quilts. Joyce Jeffrey’s photograph series, Knot Bad, captures the faces of beautiful Black women that affirm who they are in their ability to be seen as they are. Tia Nichols paints bold smiling Black faces, open and ready to face the world. In this way, Being Seen, allows us to see each other and see ourselves in a safe space.

The Artist Talk will be moderated by Omo Misha, Curator and Gallerist of Irwin House Gallery and followed by a Q&A. The Wright Museum thanks Joyce Jeffrey, Tia Nichols, April Anue Shipp, and Cara Marie Young for allowing us to share their artwork with you. The exhibition runs through December 10, 2023.

The event is free but registration is required.