105th Birthday Drive-Up Celebration

SEPTEMBER 16TH | 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Celebrate Dr. Charles H. Wright's 105th Birthday at our membership drive-up event. Simply drive through in your vehicle, and we'll make it easy to renew your membership or join The Wright. This is the best time to become a member at The Wright! 

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Join us on September 16th, as our Friend's Committe celebrates Dr. Wright and this year's honorees!

Patrina Chatman: Preserving History and Cultivating Culture 

Patrina Chatman

With a remarkable career spanning 33 years at the Charles H. Wright Museum, Patrina Chatman has been a dedicated guardian of history, serving in various roles that have left an indelible mark on the institution. As the Museum's Historian, her passion for preserving and presenting the rich tapestry of African American heritage continues to inspire. 

Patrina's journey began with 11 years as the registrar, ensuring the meticulous documentation and care of the museum's treasured artifacts. Her commitment to her craft is reflected in her educational background, where she pursued an undergraduate degree in Technical Writing and completed almost all requirements for a master's degree in English, both achieved at Wayne State University. 

Beyond her academic achievements, Patrina's expertise as a writer, editor, and cultural historian has been pivotal in her role as the curator of collections and exhibitions for the past 22 years. In this capacity, she has curated approximately fifty-five exhibitions, each a testament to her dedication to storytelling. Some notable exhibitions include "Crowning Glories: Status, Style and Self Expression," "The Storyteller's Hat," "Gridiron to Greatness," and the profoundly impactful "Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photographs in America." 

Throughout her tenure, Patrina has also played a vital role in the installation of approximately thirty-five traveling exhibitions, extending the reach of African American history to audiences far and wide. Her commitment to education and engagement shines through her exhibition-related presentations, which have illuminated the significance of African American heritage for countless individuals. Additionally, Patrina has shared her expertise by conducting preservation workshops, ensuring that the legacy she cherishes is safeguarded for future generations. 

Patrina Chatman's unwavering dedication to the Charles H. Wright Museum and her profound impact on the preservation and presentation of African American history make her a true luminary in the field. Her work continues to illuminate the past, inspire the present, and shape the future of African American cultural heritage.  

Alma Greer: Champion of Education and African American Heritage 

Alma Greer Photo

Alma Greer's lifelong dedication to education and her profound admiration for Dr. Charles H. Wright and The Wright Museum have left an enduring legacy in Southeastern Michigan. Throughout her extensive career, which spanned roles such as classroom teacher, middle school principal, and School Board of Education member and president, she tirelessly served students, families, and educators. 

Mrs. Greer's passion for literacy drove her to champion numerous literacy initiatives, fostering a love for reading among both children and adults. She founded Legacy of Literacy, Inc., a nonprofit organization that has distributed thousands of books to families, schools, churches, and community groups. Her mantra, "Read, read, read," embodies her commitment to promoting literacy. 

Beyond her educational pursuits, Mrs. Greer broadened the horizons of Detroit students by organizing transformative trips to China, Ghana, and the historic inauguration of President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C. Her dedication to expanding educational opportunities is also evident in the annual college scholarships she generously awards to young scholars. 

Mrs. Greer's connection with The Wright Museum runs deep, from organizing field trips to the original West Grand Boulevard site to witnessing the grand opening on Frederick Douglas Street and the subsequent relocation to Warren Avenue. Her steadfast support ensures that African American history is conveyed accurately and reaches a wide audience. 

Her motivation stems from personal experiences as a child in the segregated South, where she endured the indignity of sitting at the back of the bus and used tattered hand-me-down books from white schools. These memories fuel her determination to provide financial assistance to the museum. She recognizes that The Wright Museum serves as both a "mirror," reflecting the history, struggles, and triumphs of black individuals, and a "window" for others to gain insight into the rich history and culture of African Americans. 

Alma Greer stands as an unwavering ambassador and passionate advocate for The Wright Museum, embodying its mission to educate, inspire, and preserve African American history for generations to come.