The Wright welcomes a new exhibition featuring the art of Mario Moore

DETROIT, MI (June 22, 2021) – As part of its long-standing mission to open minds and change lives, the Charles H. Wright Museum recently opened the doors to its newest exhibit entitled, Enshrined: Presence + Preservation

Featuring artwork by Mario Moore and curated by Taylor Renee Aldridge, the exhibit features several dozen works of art from both Moore’s early career and his most recent body of work, “The Work of Several Lifetimes,” which was created in 2019 with the support of Princeton University’s Hodder Fellowship. “Enshrined” represents Moore’s intent to make visible the economies of social order within Black American life. Further, the exhibit demonstrates Moore’s commitment to celebrating those who are within reach - presenting their labor and their leisure, encouraging spectators to question who is deserving of portraiture and thus preservation.

The figures illustrated in Moore’s paintings are often presented standing tall, offering stern and confident gazes toward the viewer, while perpetuating a presence of primacy without regalia. This type of depiction places Moore’s style of portraiture within the legacy of works by figurative artists such as Kerry James Marshall, Barkley Hendricks, and one of his earliest painter influences, Diego Velazquez. 

Both Moore and Aldridge have deep roots in the Detroit art scene - Moore is a graduate of the College of Creative Studies and Aldridge is a former assistant curator at the Detroit Institute of Arts. “The Wright is excited to feature the work of inspirational artists like Mario - a proud son of Detroit - who, through exquisitely vivid and detailed art, challenges us to push the boundaries of our imaginations,” says Neil Barclay, President and CEO of The Wright.

The Enshrined exhibit is housed in The Wright’s AT&T Gallery and will run through the summer to September 19, 2021. Visitors are encouraged to visit for more information and to schedule their timed admission.