Official Statement of Solidarity from The Wright Museum: President & CEO Neil A. Barclay Reflects on Current Events


The events of the past few months have been a time of deep reflection on the health and viability of the American ideal. Uncertainty, disruption, and pain have unfortunately produced blood, tears, and trauma as a result of systemic racism and the lasting effects of numerous atrocities that continue to be visited on the lives of African Americans and people of color.  

The Wright Museum stands in solidarity with the efforts of those in Detroit and around the world who are peacefully protesting in hopes of having their voices heard above the recurring violence happening in their midst. As this nation makes another attempt at putting in place, progressive actions, it is my hope that the commitment is sincere and sustained. We are encouraged at the stance taken by so many young people and encourage them to participate in the uplifting of their communities and to take their voices to the polls.

The Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History stands as a beacon of hope for those who have passed on as well as those who will carry the torch into the future. Given these historic times, we reaffirm our commitment to deepen our mutual understanding and appreciation of those historical experiences that inform the present moment and will continue to light a path to a more equitable future for those of us who value the sanctity of human life and the immortal soul that lies within us. Despite unequal investments and disparities all around us, our members, staff, volunteers, and visitors will continue to display and expect, the highest level of informative programming and educational exhibitions we can offer, all in an effort to showcase and elevate, the African American Journey in America.

Neil A. Barclay, J.D.
President & CEO
Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History