The Inside World

Australian Aboriginal memorial poles.


These exquisitely crafted memorial poles—created by Aboriginal artists from Australia—represent the human spirit's journey from the material world to a higher spiritual plane.

inside world

On short-term loan from the collection of Dennis and Debra Scholl of Miami, Florida, these intricately rendered memorial poles—created by 49 Aboriginal artists from Arnhem Land in Australia's Northern Territory—are delicately illustrated hollow log coffins.

Meant to represent individual human spirits (namely, those in transition to the afterlife, or the spirit world), these memorial poles are deeply moving in their craftsmanship and elegance. All in all, there are 94 memorial poles on display here for The Inside World.

Made by Hand

Contemporary Australian Aboriginal artists crafted the 94 memorial poles on display here by hand.

Testaments to the SPirit

Memorial poles are unique representations of individual human spirits. No two are exactly alike in design or execution.

  • A quick look at the exhibition

    These beautifully designed memorial poles, created by indigenous Australian Aborigines, are awe-inspiring in their craftsmanship and attention to detail.