Detroit Performs!

Creators. Innovators. Artists.


Detroit Performs! celebrates the luminaries of theater, dance, and music that transformed the Motor City's performing arts scene, and with it, the American pop culture landscape.

A photomontage dedicated to those who gained national and international prominence in the performing arts, Detroit Performs! celebrates luminaries in theater, dance, and music who chose to hone their craft in the Motor City (and alter the course of American popular culture as a result).

These respected performers infused their work with joy, but never shied away from tackling difficult subjects. Their art became a vehicle for change, encouraging public discourse around challenging topics and making room for deeper social understanding.

Celebrating All Disciplines

Honoring Detroit's playwrights, choreographers, dancers, instrumentalists, vocalists, and more.

Honoring the Well-Known & the Under-Sung

Whether it's world-renowned pop musician Aretha Franklin, or niche gospel artist Mattie Moss Clark, this exhibition celebrates stars both large and small.

  • A quick look at the exhibition

    Detroit's seismic impact on the national performing arts scene can still be felt to this day. Get to know the lineup of remarkable artists that transformed pop culture.
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