Museum Safety Protocols & Other Updates

The Charles H. Wright Museum considers the health and well-being of our staff and guests to be a top priority. We have therefore implemented a series of safety measures, in consultation with The National Sanitation Foundation, to ensure the Museum can continue to provide an engaging and enjoyable environment while abiding by state and local health ordinances. Please review our policies and procedures for more information on the Museum’s health and safety practices. We are proud to serve the Greater Detroit community and thank you for your unwavering support.

Schedule Your Visit

Hours of Operation
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday:  CLOSED
  • Thursday through Saturday: 9 AM - 4 PM
  • Sunday: 12 PM - 5 PM


The health and wellness of our guests are paramount. Guests who exhibit any symptoms of illness, including cough, fever, shortness of breath, fatigue, and body aches, are not permitted to enter the Museum. We kindly ask that you consult your physician and return to the Museum when your health improves.


To ensure smooth admission into the Museum, guests will be encouraged to register in advance to gain entry. Guests will be allotted a 20-minute window during which time they must arrive at the Museum in order to gain entry.

Museum Access
  • Guests are required to wear a face mask that covers their nose and mouth at all times
  • Guests must maintain at least six feet of distance from others within the Museum
  • Guests are required to use our sanitizing stations upon entry to the Museum, and throughout their visit
  • Guests will be encouraged to use credit cards for any purchases made during their visit

Due to concerns about disease spread, certain areas of the Museum will be closed. Vending machines, water fountains, and other communal resources will not be available at this time.

Although the exploration and celebration of African American history and culture may look a little different, The Wright is taking every measure available to ensure the visitor experience remains both engaging and enlightening! Contact us at (313) 494-5800 for more information.