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Environmental Commitments

Protecting the natural world.

Here at The Wright, we're committed not only to preserving African-American culture. We're committed to preserving the environment, too. Explore the impact of our sustainability initiatives below.

Making the Invisible Visible

To fight climate change effectively, we need to respond not as individuals, but as a collective.

The Wright is dedicated to climate justice, and is leading the vanguard of 21st-century museums in its effort to make the invisible work of sustainability visible, so that everyone can see that they have a stake in—and can contribute to—environmental preservation.

"Inaction affects us all," says The Wright's President & CEO, Neil Barclay. "Join The Wright as we strive to transform spaces, hearts, and minds, making room for a more equitable future here in Detroit."


As an institution dedicated to the cause of climate justice, The Wright is committed to the following:

  • Creating a more sustainable museum campus
  • Collaborating with the City of Detroit's Office of Urban Planning to expand the impact of our eco-friendly practices
  • Working with the Green Task Force on Detroit's City Council to extend the scope of what's possible for sustainability efforts in our city

Learn more about how we put these commitments into practice below!

  • Partnerships

    We couldn't do what we do without partners in the community to back us up. Learn more about these essential collaborators.
  • Press

    Our sustainability programs aren't just making a splash in Detroit. People across the country are taking notice.


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