Visions of Our 44th President

44 sculptures of an iconic figure.

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Visions of Our 44th President is a collective sculptural show created to recognize and celebrate the historical significance of the first African-American President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Profile views of the sculptures on display

Dynamic and inspiring, the exhibition includes forty-four artists’ interpretations of our 44th President in life-size, three-dimensional form. In essence, each sculpture is a blank canvas upon which artists imaginatively celebrate the man, his presidency, and our history. 

Artists both well-known and emerging, are participating in this avant-garde art collaboration with Peter Kaplan of Our World, LLC.


Ambitiously conceived, this exhibition explores the meaning and metaphor of Barack Obama as America’s first black president.

Dynamic and inspiring

A must-see collective sculptural show.

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This exhibition was made possible by Chase Bank.