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The Best of the Wright

Long Term Exhibition

Listen to leading scholars speak on issues like race, law, and politics while children learn fun stories and workshops that reflect African and African American culture.

Over the years, The Wright has hosted performers, speakers, authors, and dignitaries from across the African diaspora to educate, enlighten, inspire and entertain our audiences. Now, visitors like you can experience these incredible moments from the comfort of your own home through our new online collections.

  • Visions of Detroit Walkthrough

    Assistant curator, Jennifer Evans gives a walkthrough of the exhibition, Visions of Detroit, featuring the art of the Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club.
  • Dr. Barbara Ransby Lecture

    Dr. Barbara Ransby, professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, lectures on the role of capitalism in the exploitation of Black Americans.
  • Did You Know? - Dr. Charles H. Wright

    Museum educator Jonathan Jones teaches us facts about the museum founder Dr. Charles H. Wright.
  • Dr. Runoko Rashidi Describing Influences

    Dr. Runoko Rashidi describes the educators and activists that influenced him.

Larry Lee Motley Shares the History of Inkster, MI

In this clip, local historian Larry Lee Motley (1944-2020) shares his knowledge on the history of Inkster, MI.

Khalea Ross Robinson Speech

Television producer Khalea Ross Robinson speaks on how to achieve excellence.

Rep. Maxine Waters Speech

U.S. Representative Maxine Waters delivers an address at The Wright.

Did You Know? - Women and Historical Success

Museum Educator Yolanda Jack shares the accomplishments of various African American women in history.