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A Sonic Decolonization of Mind

Saturday, November 16 | 7:30 - 9:00 PM

Musician, composer, educator, musicologist: world-renowned saxophonist Donald Washington wears more than a few hats.

A former Detroiter and founder of the Bird Trane Sco Now Ensemble, Washington will join the New Day Blues Band, as well as a range of other Cosmic Music Community musicians, for a free concert event, open to the public.

A partial list of musicians for the evening includes:

  • Clifford Sykes - Percussion
  • Acunda Hollis - Percussion
  • Che Green - Percussion
  • Keith Glass - Percussion
  • Allan Colding - Percussion
  • Kenneth Green - Piano
  • Rafael Leafar - Reeds
  • Anthony Holland - Reeds
  • Jerome Yancy - Bassist

Elegant Energy, a sound ensemble employing Chinese gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, African bamboo flutes, and more, will open for Washington and the New Day Blues Band. Reserve your spot today!

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